Common Locksmith Terms and Definitions

Access Control This refers to any barrier or device, that limits or prohibits free or unlimited access to unauthorized users.
Blank A key before any cuts have been made.
Cabinet Lock A relatively small type of lock designed to be used on drawers, cabinets, pieces of furniture, or thin doors.
Code A series of numbers or digits on a key or lock that specifies or references the particular cuts of the key to operate a lock.
Combination Lock A lock which is operated by local input of a specific series or sequence of numbers or letters is a combination lock.
Emergency Service Services provided 24/7 365 days emergency service for your home, vehicle and business incase anything happens. A company that can change locks, open doors anything.
File Cabinet Lock Any lock used on a file cabinet, a plunger lock cylinder for a gang lock normally used in a file cabinet.
Garage Door Lock a rim lock mechanism designed for use on an overhead door, which mechanism has a spring loaded bolt which automatically locks the door’s bolt mechanism.
Gate A gate is a moveable or stationary barrier to prevent access.
Key Control Any method or procedure which limits unauthorized acquisition of a key and/or controls distribution of authorized keys.
Latch A mechanical device which automatically keeps a door closed until a deliberate action is used to retract it.
Lock Any device which prevents access or use by requiring special knowledge or equipment.
Lockout When someone is not able to gain access into a home, vehicle or business.
Locksmith A person with the knowledge and ability to select, install, service and bypass all the components of an electrical or mechanical lock.
Master Any keying arrangement which has two or more levels of keying. Allowing one person entrance everywhere while restricting others.
Padlock A detachable and portable lock with a shackle which locks into its case. Could be either in Key or Combination form.
Rekey o change the existing combination of a cylinder or lock. This means you will have a new key and your older key will no longer work.
Safe A substantial, secure container with varying degrees of security and/or fire resistance, used to store valuables against fire or theft. This can be secured with either a key or combination locking mechanism.